TGL-Super Soul Sunday 006

SUPER SOUL SUNDAY: “Steve Lacy: Night Drive In An Unfamiliar City” by LEEPLAY

By Waddie G. September 17, 2023

Every Sunday, I look forward to sharing with you, here on The G-Listed, a digital mixtape of more than an hour of house, soul, R&B, neo-soul, hip-hop, jazz, lo-fi, city pop, gospel, amapiano, or afrobeat music that I have been enjoying. These are the mixes that I enjoy as the soundtracks and background music of my workdays, moods, travels, or socializing with people having similar music tastes.

Today, I am excited to share this curated collection of soulful lo-fi musician Steve Lacy’s hits and gems by YouTuber LEEPLAY. LEEPLAY is a South Korean content creator whose channel boasts many great music mixtapes that can be backdrops to almost any occasion and vibe. I have enjoyed LEEPLAY’s music curation for the past two years, and this mix of Steve Lacy’s songs is one of my favorites.

Check out this playlist listed by LEEPLAY below, which I hope you enjoy as much as I have. You will hear songs like “Bad Habit” “Dark Red” “N Side” “Give You The World” and “Infrunami.”

00:01 01 Steve Lacy – Bad Habit
03:50 02 Steve Lacy – Dark Red
06:38 03 Steve Lacy – Only If
08:07 04 Steve Lacy – Atomic Vomit
09:35 05 Steve Lacy – Sunshine (ft.Fousheé)
14:04 06 Steve Lacy – Out of Me Head
16:23 07 Steve Lacy – Some
18:13 08 Steve Lacy – Hate CD
20:53 09 Steve Lacy – Playground
24:26 10 Steve Lacy – C U Girl
26:24 11 Steve Lacy – Basement Jack
28:13 12 Steve Lacy – Love 2 Fast
31:55 13 Steve Lacy – That’s No Fun
34:37 14 Steve Lacy – N Side
38:16 15 Steve Lacy – Ryd
40:29 16 Steve Lacy – Uuuu
42:00 17 Steve Lacy – Infrunami
44:38 18 Steve Lacy – Buttons
47:25 19 Steve Lacy – Lay Me Down
50:27 20 Steve Lacy – Give You the World
54:55 21 Steve Lacy – Static
57:27 22 The Internet – Curse


You may play the mix on LEEPLAY’s channel or press play on the video below.

I hope you enjoyed this mixtape. Let me know what you think of it. Feel free to share your recommendations for similar music with me on Twitter or in this comments section.

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