9 Ways “Discreet” Gays Easily Identify Themselves In OnlyFans Videos

9 Ways “Discreet” Gays Easily Identify Themselves In OnlyFans Videos

By Waddie G. September 11, 2023

Throughout the pandemic season that impacted our lives socially, financially, mentally, and emotionally, the rise of OnlyFans content creators showcasing their sexual conquests and fantasies became one of the fastest-growing entertaining platforms of the past decade. Content creators bragged about their increased earnings due to the demands of their entertaining platforms during the pandemic season. They influenced aspiring and curious creators to get in on the action for their fame and economic opportunities.

The kinds of content creators a consumer can enjoy are celebrities, porn stars/adult entertainers, couples, everyday people/amateur porn creators, and anonymous people, especially down-low men who engage in sex with other men. Anonymous people can be anyone who does not want to be identified publicly as an amateur porn content creator due to their careers, affiliations, or fears of being identified or judged later in life.

Unfortunately, many of these “anonymous” content creators and participants have given their identities away through the careless failure of not blurring out, covering up, or editing these nine identifiers, of which internet sleuths have outed the persons or teased in their commentaries.

1. Unique tattoo

A tattoo-free skin makes an unknown person less identifiable, as long as there are no unique traits about the individual’s appearance, unlike an anonymous person with customized or placed tattoos that friends, gossipers, relatives, or significant others can recognize.

2. Unique Piercing

Similarly to a unique tattoo, if an individual has a body piercing that boasts the ring in a unique shape or color, as well as specific placements that are known to others, make sure they are covered up.

3. Body mark

Similar to a tattoo, a birthmark, scar, skin disorder, or a body mark that you are known to have that people can easily identify should be covered up if you do not want to be exposed.

4. Body shape

Regardless of our builds, if you tend to have unique shapes in certain parts of your body, you might want to record in dimmer lights. You may want to be conscious of body positioning in your videos to prevent being identifiable.

5. Voice

Do you have a distinct voice or accent identifiable in the social scene, among gossiping friends, or among significant others? You might want to keep as quiet as possible or moan minimally. If you are known for sayings, you might want to keep your verbal actions to moans and heavy breathing.

6. Home furniture/furnishings

Recording at your home that has invited friends, frenemies, lovers, and relatives over? Consider whether they can identify you if you record sex in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. I’ve seen a former friend film sex scenes “incognito” in his bedroom with a picture of him on his dresser and wall. You do not want to be identified? Get a hotel or motel room. Your furniture or home accents may give your identity away when recording from home.

7. Facial recognition under a loose mask

One of the easiest ways to identify people in a homemade sex tape is the site of their faces. Instead of worrying about how to edit homemade videos with the blurring feature to cover the faces of the sex partners, guys wear masks to ensure that only their eyes and mouths are exposed so they may see what they are doing and give oral pleasure. Some of these “incognito” men, unfortunately, do not notice how their masks lost elasticity and loosened up the covering of their faces to be more identifiable, particularly by their noses and mouths. Some may have large lips or protruding or uniquely shaped noses that masks cannot disguise. If the latter is your issue, learn how to use the blurring feature in your video editing software.

8. Vehicle details

Feeling adventurous to capture your freakiness outdoors? Some guys have fantasies of having sex inside and outside of a vehicle in a lot, a park, or riskier places that could get them caught in the act. Be careful how you may give your identity away through license plates, customized interior or exterior, and accident marks.

9. Known trip or location

Shared your vacation or getaway details with friends, lovers, or social media connections? Be careful about tagging your location or giving away details of your sexual escapades during your getaway. If you told your lover that you went out of town for business, but if the blurred appearance of someone who looks like you is tagged to the location of your hotel, party, or event, you might have some explaining to do.


A friend of mine sent me an OnlyFans video that was taped by two thick men who got it on really, really, really well in a hotel room outside of New York City, presumably Westchester County. While I noticed that the men disguised their faces, and one of them disguised his tattoos with his shirt. At the same time, the other did not cover his tattooed arm and chest. Even if the tattoos did not identify him to the average user, the name of one of the men was largely displayed on the television in the background throughout most of the video with a thank-you message from the hotel. I was more puzzled by how that was never blurred by the uploader of the homemade video.

Were you able to identify anyone in homemade sex videos where the participants tried to mask themselves? What gave that person/those people away?

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