Iconic "Flavor Of Love" Contestants

20 Most Iconic “Flavor Of Love” Contestants

By Waddie G. September 14, 2023

For those who were reality TV fans in the early 2000s, “Flavor of Love” needs no introduction. The show aired from 2006 to 2008 and followed rapper Flavor Flav, of Public Enemy music fame, as he searched for love among a group of women vying for his affection. While the show was often criticized for its over-the-top antics and controversial themes, it was undeniably entertaining and left a lasting impact on reality TV. And of course, one of the most memorable aspects of “Flavor of Love” was the cast of characters who participated in the show.

From the self-proclaimed “HBIC” to the feistiest vixen to the humorous country girl, each Flavor of Love contestant left a unique impression on viewers. Some became fan favorites and had successful careers in the entertainment industry, while others faded into obscurity after their time on the show. However, one thing that cannot be denied is the impact these women had on television and pop culture. This list will examine the 20 most iconic contestants in “Flavor of Love.”

Here are the honorable mentions:


20. Hoopz

Hoopz was a fan favorite of “Flavor of Love” season one who won Flav’s heart and became the winner of that season. She was known for her natural beauty, love of playing basketball, and laid-back personality. Hoopz was a friend and ally to many of her competitors in season one.

19. Rain

Though Rain’s season one stint lasted two episodes, she gave viewers an iconic moment with an epic argument with the show’s villain, New York, in a van. Other cast members liked Rain, but New York’s plot to start a verbal war at a breakfast table turned into a screaming match with Rain that she could not compete with.

18. Nibblz

If “Flavor Of Love” season two premiered within the past decade, Nibblz would have been heralded by social media, feminists, and queer people as a queen of “sex positivity.” While also known for her lisp, Nibblz unabashedly explained to Flav and her competitors her career in the sex industry as a dominatrix.

17. Myammee

The hottest woman of “Flavor Of Love” was undoubtedly Myammee. Viewers and Flavor Flav could not get enough of the Miami, Florida model’s natural beauty. Her modest confidence, southern drawl, and laid-back attitude made her a fan-favorite among a season of arguing women.

16. Red Oyster

Red Oyster was known as the spy and snitch of season one. Oyster is not one to be trusted among her costars because she pretends to be friendly with them to fish for their vulnerabilities and qualities to later tell Flavor Flav that they are not good to be his chosen love.

15. Sinceer

Sinceer was known for her unflattering qualities throughout season three. She was one of the most argumentive contestants who joined fellow contestants, primarily Thing 1 and Thing 2, to gang up on Seesinz and bully her into name-calling and insults. Sinceer was also known for having a large forehead of which her parting bangs constantly pronounced.

14. Krazy

Krazy was “Flavor of Love” season’s two biggest villain who cried victim every time she was called out by the other contestants for her jealousy against them, her lies to Flav and other women, and her ambition of promoting her not-so-good singing talent instead of vying for Flav’s affection.

13. Toastee

Toastee was another season two contestant universally known for her embarrassing traits. In that season’s first episode, she was given her name because she was tipsy when it was her turn to formally meet Flav. She was also exposed by her former ally Nibblz as a porn star Toastee like to the other women about Nibblez giving Flav oral pleasures in a bed that the three of them shared after a challenge.

12. Thing 1 & Thing 2

Detroit’s very own Thing 1 and Thing 2 hated the names Flav appointed them upon meeting him formally during season three. These twins sisters were known for ganging up on Seesinz in petty arguments and finishing each other sentences. Thing 2 won Flav’s heart on season three but was informed at the show’s reunion that the “Flavor of Love” franchise was a sham as far as the premise of the NYC rap legend looking for a woman as a single man. He brought his longtime partner to that reunion, and Flav proposed marriage to her on the show.

11. Smiley

Smiley was season one’s stunning beauty, of which male fans gazed at her tall, Polynesian bronzed, swimsuit-bodied frame. Unfortunately, Smiley’s stint on the show made her as emotionally wrecked and unstable as she is gorgeous. When she did not engage in moments that caused her to be teary-eyed, Smiley chose to look at her competitive challenges on the show with optimism.

10. Somethin’

Somethin’ stint was short on seasons two but she left an awful impression with a moment that will often be discussed in the conversations of the most OMG moments in Black reality television. While waiting to use a toilet during the first episode’s eliminations of season two, Somethin’ could not hold onto bowels long enough to let out runny poop from her butt while running to a bathroom in the “Flavor of Love” mansion. That accident gave her fellow competitors ammunition to get her eliminated.

9. Like Dat

Like Dat’s portrayal in “Flavor Of Love” season two would have caused social media rants and meltdowns if the show had been filmed and aired during the past decade because the producers and Flav focused on her plus-size figure as running gags of the show. Like Dat was also known for her happy-go-lucky spirit and for calling out Buckwild’s authenticity as a white woman who appropriated the worst stereotypes of Black American vernacular and hood culture.

8. Bootz

Bootz may have been one of the shortest contestants on “Flavor Of Love” season two. Still, her ferociousness and penchant for engaging in near-violent confrontations with other contestants made her presence taller than nearly all of her castmates. The buxom beauty spared no one when she needed to check another competitor or seek

7. Buckwild

Northern California contestant Buckwild was one of the most-hated contestants of “Flavor Of Love” season two by viewers. Viewers and other contestants instantly noticed that her persona as the “most down” white girl with Black people was fake as a three-dollar bill. People saw her over-the-top mannerisms as a mockery of Black people. At her elimination, Buckwild’s true colors showed when season-one returnee New York antagonized her over her appropriation of Black American culture in the trashiest way. The cultural appropriator turned in a Karen when she cried to Flav about no longer wanting to compete with New York in the mansion.


6. Goldie

Goldie was the season one contestant that no viewer could resist loving and/or enjoying. Goldie’s country charm was the beam of positivity through her jokes, friendships with her competitors, and the choice to express the season’s most challenging situations with as much optimism as possible.

5. Pumkin

Season one’s Pumkin was one of the most polarizing contestants in the “Flavor of Love” franchise. While she can be a carefree party girl who got along very well with most of her castmates, Pumkin’ will always be known for one incident that caused fan uproar and cultural conversations about Black and white people engaging in verbal conflict. Pumkin spat in season one supervillain New York’s face after losing verbal sparring with the season one star.


4. Saaphyri

Though Saaphyri’s season two stint did not last a full episode, her presence on the “Flavor Of Love” franchise was iconic. The South Central L.A. native was widely known for fighting with a white contestant from Texas over a bed and being hit with flowers during their argument. Though the altercation was shocking, viewers found humor in Saaphyri ordering her enemy to get off her. At the same time, Sapphyri had physical dominance over the enemy who screamed “Oh my God” instead of fighting back. She also had memorable one-liners and phrases post altercation such as “lip chap” and warning “God will direct me to beat your ass again” while praying.

3. Deelishis

Deelishis was the season two winner and a fan-favorite because of her keeping-it-real personality. The Detroit native also had a large posterior below her petite upper body. Because “Flavor of Love” aired during the mid-2000s, Deelishis was the first famous person who engaged TV viewers and pop culture enthusiasts to see whether her butt was real or paid for a butt lift or body augmentation to get that large posterior shape. Deelishis was another beauty who feared no one from confrontation, especially competitors New York and Krazy, with whom she engaged in several arguments.

2. Hottie

Hottie was another season one whose kooky personality made her a fan because she gave many personalities that made her television gold. She flaunted her pretty face, ample bosom, and feminine charm to entice Flav to be turned onto her. Her sneaky and manipulative tactics of pitting her competitors against each other into arguments and elimination caused great dramatic entertainment. Her iconic scene of cooking a raw chicken in a microwave with vegetables, pasta, and butter was priceless and head-scratching for viewers. Her avow in having golddigger ambitions of winning Flav’s heart was humorous, especially when the ambitions were exposed and used as part of her elimination. And let’s not forget about her confrontation with New York when she informed New York and her castmates of being jealous of her because her friends back home allegedly told her often that she reminded them of Beyonce. Hottie was so many things on “Flavor Of Love” in every enjoyable way.

1. New York

New York was such a producer’s dream while filming season one that she was brought onto the second eason

While the women on Flavor of Love were all vying for the love and affection of one man, they each brought their own unique personalities and life experiences to the table. Some were eager to make a name for themselves and launch their careers in the entertainment industry, while others saw the show as a way to break free from their mundane lives and have some fun. Whatever their reasons for being on the show, they all left a lasting impression on viewers and helped to cement “Flavor of Love” as an iconic piece of reality TV history.

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