Blogging Is My Therapy Which No Professional Can Provide

Blogging Is My Therapy Which No Professional Can Provide

By Waddie G. September 1, 2023

The only legitimate excuses I had for taking an extensive break from blogging were the following.

  • I feared my writings would expose more of myself to the world who reads them.
  • I feared my writings would be the target of envious queers who secretly viewed my platform as a threat to their grifts and mediocrity.
  • I feared my writings would no longer be relevant or impactful to anyone as I kept toying with the idea of returning to this platform.
  • I feared my opinionated and autobiographical writings might block specific blessings from coming my way, particularly my current employment, which is my bread and butter.

Those were not excuses. Those were fears and inner saboteurs. I sabotaged several opportunities I would have happily taken advantage of, as I once enjoyed throughout my many years of prior blogging experience. People and entities have offered me opportunities as they waited for my return to blogging, and I allow the fears to overwhelm my desire to blog again.

As I overcome those fears, I realize how much of a stress reliever this platform has been for me.

My autobiographical posts of yesteryear released the emotional and psychological baggage I carried for years. The most harrowing moments of my life I have shared online released burdens I once chose to bear and take to my grave (or urn). I remember shocking friends and people who have known me for more than a decade over moments they did not know of. Some wondered why I never confided some of those moments with them while applauding me for overcoming those times. Since I discovered my love of writing when I was a pre-teen, my ease of writing out my thoughts and feelings rather than speaking them exposed how my writings brought me a sense of relief and accomplishment.

My blog posts about pop culture and the gay lifestyle satisfy my pleasure in entertaining people. I love story-telling, especially about subjects that entertain me, like pop culture, and topics that impacted my social life, being Black, a man, a Black man, a Black same-gender-loving man, and a same-gender-loving human. I love to capture people’s attention with information, entertainment, or advice.

Thus, writing is the therapy no professional can provide. All the professionals I have seen discussing issues that plagued my inner peace suggested that I get back to my blogging and create content. All. Of. Them.

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Waddie G. is the Founding Editor of The G-Listed. Based in New York City, Waddie G.’s writing shows off his biggest passions for pop and gay cultures. Born in Sacramento, raised in Kansas City, developed in Atlanta, and matured in Chicago, Waddie G. is an unabashed foodie, proud R&B junkie, adventurous traveler, serial scribbler, and textbook Virgo. Waddie G. and his content has been featured on the "Wendy Williams Show," TMZ, Grindr, Vice, I-D, Windy City Times, and The Gothamist.